The pharmaceutical industry cites many examples that illustrate that gelatin capsules are of great importance. The industry takes advantages of gelatin capsules by filling the capsules with an advanced method related to washing, drying, inspection, and packaging. The manufacture of hard gelatin capsules is not a simple process. It is based on several steps and concerns that will be discussed here.

Product Requirements

In terms of product requirements, the capsule manufacture ensures that each capsule contains the appropriate dose. This process is very much based on the optimal filling performance of the machine which involves analyzing the correct flow and density of the products together with the densities of the excipients. The flow is of great importance reason why the main contracted manufacturers use high-speed filling machines.

Compatibility with Gelatin

One more concern is to follow the principle of matching the compatibility of the tablets with the gelatin shell. There are certain factors that professionals consider in this regard, such as maintaining the compatibility of gelatin, including high temperature, high humidity, and excessive exposure to light. Also, they consider the water content of the gelatin shell to keep the perfect proportion and balance of each constituent as well.


For a precise formulation, the doses are the chief parameter. If the dose is low in milligrams, it is essential to maintain the homogeneity of the doses within the powder. When they are more than 100 milligrams, the precision of dosages remains focused on two main concerns, including the proper amounts of lubricants and the correct choice of diluents.

When the powder doses are more than 600 milligrams, the ideal sized capsules are produced by granulation. Granulation is the method that plays an important role in the maintenance of the flow as well as in the dissolution speed of the substances.

Particle Size

It is the particle size that contributes to the homogeneity as well as the fluidity of the powder. According to expert capsule manufacturers, the perfect particle size is between 10μm and 150μm. As well, excipients must be chosen according to the size of the particle in the active drugs.

Sensitivity to Humidity

Manufacturers of modern contracts focus on the complete knowledge of the factor called moisture sensitivity when producing hard gelatin capsules to keep the stability of the compound. On the other hand, the presence of excess water in the capsule shell can damage the hard gelatin capsules. Learn more.


The manufacture of hard gelatin capsules involves many more points to consider. In addition, the capsules are easy to swallow and are absorbed by the body. As a result, it is important to consider each and every manufacturing concern to make the capsules the preferred medication option at all times. The hard gelatin capsule is a good idea to get your herbal supplements only if you have no problems taking animal byproducts and are not using the pills to take a liquid or gel, then the gelatin capsules are the right decision for you.

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